WP Wi 9000

Introducing the WP Wi 9000 - or WP Win to friends!

WP Win is the perfect friend, always there when you need to talk or when you just want to listen, seamlessly transitioning from home to work, to the shops and back again.

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Bar type
CPU: Intel PXA 270
Display: 2.2" TFT, QVGA
OS: Win CE.NET 4.2
Micro SD slot
MP in Oct/06
Hardware Spec
Phone type: Bar type (121x46x19.7mm)
Processor: Intel PXA270
GSM: 900/1800MHz
WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g
Screen: 2.2" TFT, QVGA
USB Slave
Micro SD card
Battery: 1650 mAh Li-ion
Functions & Performance
OS: Win CE.NET 4.2
VoWLAN related
SIP v2
CODEC: G.711, G.729A/B
Acoustic echo canceller
Dynamic jitter buffer
Talk time (either WiFi/GSM): > 3.5H
Standby time (simultaneous): >60H
Hotspot auto login program
IInternet: IE browser 6.0
MP3/MP4 player
Win Media Player
High-flexibility to run ISP/ ITSP's own applications
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