Citadel WP Voyager

The Citadel WP Voyager is a Dual mode phone with a difference - Wi fi and VOIP and GSM.  A real voyage of discovery awaits.

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Dual mode: SIP WiFi VOIP / GSM Mobile Phone
SIM Free: Yes
Candy Bar: 108 x 50 x 18.5mms
Weight: 120g
Size: 2.2"
Touch screen: Yes
Colours: 262000
Resolution: 320 x 240 (pixels)
Stylus: Yes
Write-on-screen: Yes
Inbuilt : 64MB SDRAM 128MB Flash Memory
Memory card: Mini SD - YES Supports up to 1 Gigbyte card
GSM: Standby 200 (hrs)
WiFi Only: 100 hrs
WiFi + GSM: 8- Hrs
Talk time : 300 (mins)
VOIP Call: 210 (mins)
Video call 100 (mins)
Camera & Connectivity
Built in: 2.0 Megapixel + Flash
How many: 1
Infared No
USB: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Earpiece: 3GPP type
Vibrates: Yes
Media formats
Personal Information Manager: Yes
QVGA MPEG4 (.mp4): Yes
QVGA MPEG4 Encoding & Decoding
3GPP (.3gp) :Yes
MP3 (.mp3) & MP4: Yes
MP3 play-time: 420 mins
MP4 play-time: 250 mins
Windows media (.wma): No
Internet & Vocodecs
Internet Browser: WAP 2.0
Email: Yes
Tri-Band: 900/1800/1900
VOIP: 802.11 b/g
Voip: G.711, G.729
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